How much can I earn?

Take the lid off the rewards opposite and acknowledge the terms and conditions to earn these latter.

How does that work?

1 - Download Yuccan Lead mobile app

Join us on our mobile app partner Yuccan Lead which is serving as an intermediate and a trustworthy third party for your relationships. It's free!

2 - Find us and join us

After you've registered, you can use the map in the app to find Yuccan Lead directly or using the search bar, so that you can join us

3 - Send us your contact information

You know someone that need our services? Submit his/her information within 2 clicks from your mobile app

4 - Cash-in your rewards

If this contact becomes our customer, this will gets you a reward. You can then fill in a bank account securely in order to cash-in your rewards within few days!

Send us a contact now, register later!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

The mobile app is 100% free! And we do not take any commission on your rewards.

Yes! If you submit a contact with the Yuccan Lead's mobile app, which is our trusted partner and who act as a trusted third-party, we guarantee you the rewards listed on the website at the day of the contact's submission, conditionnally upon that we finalize a contract with this contact!

It depends! Most of the time, companies on Yuccan Lead allow everyone to submit them contacts. However, some may block it. You can review our app rules to see if we allow non-customers as Ambassadors in Yuccan Lead.

No, our partner Yuccan Lead declare everything for yourself, you don't have to do anything! In France, the 1st Euro earned is declared, and you will be taxed to these revenues depending on your fiscal situation. Generally speaking, revenues in Yuccan Lead are declared within BIC or BNC category, which is micro-fiscal. If you intend to earn more than usual with Yuccan Lead, we strongly encourage you to declare yourself as a self-employed status.

In order for you to earn rewards, you need to add an IBAN from the mobile app. Regulations ask our trusted partner Yuccan Lead to review and confirm your identity, in order to prevent fraud or money laundering (KYC compliances). Be assured, you can manage all your data from Yuccan Lead's mobile app directly!

Yes, but we would love to keep you in our program, as it does not require any commitment from your side! Of course, when you register as an Ambassador for us, you do not sign for a specific duration, which means that you can leave the program whenever you like!

You don't have to join Yuccan Lead to submit contacts, but it is strongly recommended as you will get a follow-up on how we process with the contact you send. However, the mobile app is mandatory to earn the rewards as you will link your bank account from it!

You can consult the User Guide available on Yuccan Lead's website and you will also notice that the mobile app is easy to use and user-friendly!

With Yuccan Lead, you can become an Ambassador to as many companies as you like, as long as they are not competitors to each other! You can't submit, for instance, the same contact to one of our competitor. However, feel free to join other companies that are not in the same business industry as we are!

Yes! And it's super easy! You can declare yourself as a self-employed status in the mobile app directly, from the menu 'Declare myself as a professional'. After setting your company registration ID and VAT if applicable, you will be able to submit as many contacts as you can! Plus, you don't have to manage yourself the invoices when we pay you: Yuccan Lead takes this in charge for you, and generate automatically the invoices you need to submit us.

You can rely on our trusted partner Yuccan Lead for hosting your personal data. They are 100% GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant, and are regularly audited by an independent cabinet (Ziwit SAS). Your data is hosted in France, and your critical financial data (IBAN, ID cards, etc.) is safely hosted by a financial institution which is a partner of Yuccan Lead.

Yes, but you will also leave our Ambassador Program at the same time. Be sure that you are not awaiting for rewards to be paid before you unregister from Yuccan Lead, as we won't be able to pay your rewards anymore, neither we'll have a guarantee to pay you if you come back in the program.