How we can amplify your word of mouth

Your customers are your best sellers.

Turn them into your Ambassadors!

Turnkey software

Create your own referral program and customize the materials and mobile app within a few minutes.

Mobile application

Digitalize and industrialize your referral processes with the mobile app for a better traceability.

Rewards in cash

Motivate your Ambassadors to refer you and pay them securely and legally thanks to our integrated payment platform.

Program animation

Use our automation and sales tools to promote your referral program, your Ambassadors won't forget you ever again!

A mobile app for your business bringers...

Never loose again contact with your Ambassadors' community! Thanks to the free mobile app, your Ambassadors will easily submit you referrals, within seconds, and keep follow up on them.

  • Free mobile app
  • Submit Push notifications to your Ambassadors
  • Customize your app
  • Easy to use

...and a web interface for you too!

Drive and promote your whole program from this easy-to-use web interface! Use our integrated payment playform that allows you to pay your Ambassadors safely and in compliance.

  • Follow up your Leads
  • Promote your program with automation tools
  • Pay your Ambassadors
  • Compliant and secured payment platform

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