Need a real life example?

You know a relative who needs to renovate his kitchen, and your favorite kitchen fitter is a member of Yuccan Lead.

After your registration on the mobile app Yuccan Lead, you join your kitchen fitter as an Ambassador, and you submit him a Lead, namely your relative contact details.

Once your relative called upon your kitchen fitter to renovate his kitchen, the kitchen fitter rewards you in cash on the mobile app.
Then, you can link a bank account in order to cash-in your rewards.

In a nutshell
  • Sign up within a few seconds on Yuccan Lead
  • Join one or several companies as an Ambassador
  • Submit Leads! It can be simply your relatives contact details whom are interested in a company, for instance
  • Fill in your bank account safely from the mobile app
  • Cash-in your gains as soon as the company rewards you for the Leads you've submitted

Super easy!

Registration only takes a few seconds! You can submit Leads in no time!

Everything is free!

You do not pay fees for using Yuccan Lead! If a company rewards you 500 €, you earn 500 €!

Be your own boss!

Want to make this a regular job? Register as a self-employed Ambassador easily on Yuccan Lead, and we handle the rest (automatic invoices included)

Want to start today?

You can recommend Yuccan Lead software to your relatives and we will give you rewards!